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Listeners for widgetWhen the widget get loaded `javascript dueWork.popup.onLoad( function(){ console.log( 'dueWork is loaded successfully') } ) ` When the widget gets opened `javascript dueWork.popup.onOpen( function(){ console.log( 'dueWork widget is opened') } ) ` When the widget gets closed `javascript dueWork.popup.onClose( function(){ console.log( 'dueWork widget is closed') } ) ` When login is successful `javascript dueWork.popup.onLoginSuccess( function(userData){ console.log( 'user logged successfully', userData) } ) // Response { email, firstName, lastName, id // Due.work userId. This id is generated by due.work. } ` When a Ticket is created `javascript dueWork.popup.onNewTicket( function(ticket){ console.log('Ticket is created successfully', ticket) } ) // Response { attachmentsUrls: [] createdBy: "ICBACvf8he" createdOn: "2021-07-05T09:07:27.591Z" descriptionInText: "Hiii" endDate: null id: "2J30lPJ19:5UDGkdvYv::ICBACvf8he:::dnpTdoV9B" isArchived: false isCompleted: false isPrivate: true lastUpdatedUser: {id: "ICBACvf8he", firstName: "embarrassed", lastName: "koi", username: "eobi", image: null, …} lastUpdatedUserId: "ICBACvf8he" projectId: "2J30lPJ19" shortId: "dnpTdoV9B" slug: "hey...i-have-a-question" title: "Hey...i have a question" updatedOn: "2021-07-05T09:07:27.622Z" url: "/u/naxa7qgfyC/hey...i-have-a-question/dnpTdoV9B" } ` When the “Ask Us” page is opened `javascript dueWork.popup.onAskUsOpened(function(){ console.log("AskUs is opened") }); `
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