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FeedbackIt only takes a few minutes to install a widget on your website, please follow these step. No need to be a developer. Step 1: Create a new Project Go to due.work account. Then click on ➕ to Create new project ➡️ https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfront.net/BKtPWs05j/images/b-ORrGHN4_vSV5N9xKj.png Step 2: Select your category Click on Customer Support ➡️ . https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfront.net/rRPqzb6Xe/images/b-ORrGHN4_An3RSOmc0.png Step 3: Select your use case Select Feedback & Roadmap. Then click on Next ➡️ https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfront.net/rRPqzb6Xe/images/b-ORrGHN4_8pBJPbh46.png Step 4: Choose Template Choose any one template. Then click on finish ➡️ https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfront.net/BKtPWs05j/images/b-ORrGHN4_VKYQsNx6Y.png Now you have successfully created the project and you can one step away from adding widget into your website. Step 5: Click on Embed Code Now its time to embed code to your website Click on Embed Code ➡️ https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfront.net/BKtPWs05j/images/b-ORrGHN4_YwAs78aXw.png Step 6: Select your widget type Select anyone ➡️ https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfront.net/rRPqzb6Xe/images/b-ORrGHN4_RQifSsIMv.png Step 7: Copy Code Copy the Script Code ➡️ Paste it into your website page 👍🏻 https://d3ecop63lb1osm.cloudfront.net/rRPqzb6Xe/images/b-ORrGHN4_DyWaZVuK1.png You have successfully added feedback widget to your website app 🤟. If you have any problem, please contact us at support@due.work we are happy to help you 🙏.
Written byRavi Gupta
Updated on Thu, 3 Jun 1:33 pm

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