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On 05/05/2019 we launched due.work 1.0 (now it is known as Birtly) with the mission to simplify project and task management. As we get our customer feedback and reviews, we kept working day and night to improve our product and we launched our newest version on 05/07/2020.

All new due.work is a shared space and collaboration tool which help teams to work togeather. It is a single page layout that goves you flexibility of writing tasks, communicating with your team, writng docs and notes, upload files and much more.

You can even integrate your projects to your website and use it to -

  • Start conversations with your visitors(live chat)
  • Take feedback from your customers
  • Announce updates to them
  • Creating roadmap for your customers and much more.

With more than 250+ customers on launch day, we aspire to become a part of every organisation and startup to manage their work and team communication.