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Due.Work Support
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Who owns my Workspace?Workspaces are shared spaces that can be managed by all Members. Workspace is owned and managed by the Owner, the one who creates the workspace.

Who can see my Workspaces?Only the members of a given Workspace can see it in the Dashboard. If you are a member of a workspace called “Google Adwords Marketing” that your manager made for your team then you can see all the activities happening in that particular workspace. Conversely, you cannot see the other workspaces other people are members of unless you are a member.

How do I work with clients in my Project?You can invite clients to your workspace by, Making your project public. You can also invite them from the manage workspace in the bottom left corner of your project.

What if I accidentally delete something? (Projects and Workspace)Only the owner can delete the workspace and projects. If you as a owner had accidentally deleted, you can write us a mail within 15 days of deleting workspace or project.

How do I change the name of an Workspace?You can change the name of workspace either by clicking on the name of workspace it will get converted into editable field or you can right click and rename your workspace.

Is due.work available in other languages?Currently, we are only provide support for English. If you want this software in your native language, write us on info@due.work.

Can I undo something?Only workspace members can archives blocks and project. If you have deleted any block and project accidentally, you can restore them anytime from Archives.

Can I have two due.work accounts simultaneously?Yes, you can have multiple due.work accounts with different email ids.

What devices does due.work work on?Due.work supports almost all the platforms like android iOS Mac Window Linux firefox chrome

How do I change my due.work password?Click on the Profile icon to launch the settings menu. Click on logout. Click on the forgot password Change your password.

We need to change the number of people in our team. How will that work?Since, due.work has flat pricing and not user based pricing. You just have to add new members on due.work workspace, by sending them an invitation without paying anything.

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